Roofing Repairs

Suffered from storm damage?

Do you need emergency roofing services?

Do you need them now?  Bath & Wiltshire Roofing provide a 24-hour response service. We can be there to help you within 2 hours of a call. So, whether it’s damaged or loose tiles or something more serious you can get the expert professional help you need at the end of a telephone. Don’t delay call us today!

Chimney stack in need of help?

As roofing specialists, we offer chimney and stack repairs for all customers – emergency or not.

Cladding & Guttering

We can also help with all aspects of cladding and guttering.

From repairs to installations to regular maintenance you can rely on us.

Whatever the job we are always willing to provide surveys and estimates for jobs of any size. Remember we also provide general building work services at the same great quality and great prices.

roof tiling repair

Commercial Work

Bath & Wiltshire Roofing can carry out commercial work on asbestos roofs.

We work alongside a 3rd party to ensure all Health & Safety Legislation is complied with and that it is removed & disposed of safely.

Asbestos was used commonly during the 1930s as a construction material. Asbestos was outlawed in the UK in 1999 after it was identified that it was dangerous. Often found in Roofing, Insulation of Cavity Walls, Flooring, Guttering and Pipes.

It is perfectly safe to have asbestos in your buildings as long as it is correctly labelled and identified and not damaged. Asbestos needs to be removed by a professionally trained person and its removal should not be attempted by anyone who is not trained.

Metal Sheet Roof Repairs

Bath & Wiltshire Roofing are often called out to repair & install metal sheeting on roofs. Damage often occurs due to corroded flashing panels. We are highly experienced in installing, maintaining and repairing Metal Sheeting.

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